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Mitzpeh Yericho Shabbaton

This past Shabbat the overseas program traveled to Mitzpeh Yericho for the final Shabbaton of the year. On Friday the talmidim loaded the buses for the journey to the Judean desert. There they took a bus tour of the famous sites in the area, including a lookout into Jordan and many other cool sites. They got a firsthand look at the realities on the ground that are often misunderstood in the international media. The tour was led by renowned tour guide Rabbi Uri Pilichowski, Director of "If Not Us".

The shabbat as filled with Torah and inspiration, from Rabbi Davidson, Rav Lapian, and some local talmidei chachamim that spoke with the talmdim as well. Everyone had an amazing time and returned to yeshiva inspired for another great week of learning.