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Purim in KBY

After an unbelievable Purim, we are making the most of the last two weeks in Yeshiva before the zman comes to a close. Here is a quick summary of the Purim festivities.


After megillah reading and a meal to break the fast, the Overseas program gathered for the Annual Purim Shpiel. Everyone enjoyed a rap which summarized the entire masechet Gittin, and a funny "promotional video" which showed off the funny side of Yeshiva.
After the shpiel the entire Yeshiva gathered in the Chadar Ochel for Chagiga with lots of energetic dancing which went on well into the night.
In the morning, after davening, many of the talmidim boarded a bus to Kaplan Hospital, where they sang, danced and read megillah for those who were bedridden and couldn't make it to leining. The patients at the hospital were extremely appreciative of the great joy that the talmidim brought with them.
After returning from the hospital, the the entire Overseas program gathered in the Beit Midrash to learn a special Purim seder. Masechet Gittin was divided up and learned in the space of two hours, culminated by a Siyum with dancing.

After the Siyum the talmidim made their way to the seudot. The shiuirm of Rabbi Rosner and Rav Shlomo Friedman went to their Rabbeim, while the rest of the program was split between Rav Davidson and the Lawee and Wolff families.

The seudot were filled with beautiful divrei torah, singing, dancing and delicious food.
In the evening, some of Rav Blachman's and Rav Stav's talmidim traveled to Yerushalayim to visit their Rabbeim at their home.