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Tzfat Shabbaton

This past Shabbat the talmidim of the overseas program traveled to Tzfat for an inspiring shabbaton. On Friday morning the buses headed north, where the first stop was the holy grave of Rashbi in Meiron. Everyone davened mincha and said tehillim, before returning to the buses and continuing on to Tzfat.

After arriving at the hotel, the talmidim had free time to explore the old city and to prepare for Shabbat. As the sun set, they made their way to the old city to experience Kabbalat Shabbat in various shuls, in the city where Kabbalat Shabbat originated.


After the seudah, Rav Stav gave a tisch until late into the night, discussing various topics related to the parsha, and fundamental hashkafic ideas as well.

After Shacharit the talmidim divided into chaburot, where various Shana Bet talmidim delivered short shiurim on assorted topics.

On Shabbat afternoon, there was a tour of the old city led by Rabbi Meir Glaser the Gabbai of the Carlebach Shul and a Tzfat resident for over 40 years.

Shabbat closed with a beautiful seudah shlishit, with inspiring singing and a Sicha by Rav Davidson.

After Shabbat Rabbi Glaser returned to lead a musical Havdalah with lots of singing and dancing.