Bar-Mitzvah Program

Ohev Shalom V'Rodef Shalom Program

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Bar-Mitzvah Program

Ohev Shalom

Project Coordinator: Rav Etai Shoham and R. Avichail Greenwald

  • Rav Kallah gives bar-mitzvah lessons to children in the neighboring communities, many of whom are not religious. He teaches them the blessings for the Torah and to read their aliya or haftarah.
  • On Mon. or Thurs. morning, a bar-mitzvah ceremony is held at the Yeshiva Kollel minyan for the immediate family and close friends. The boy gets an aliya, a short D'var Torah is given by one of the Rebbeim, and a gift is given on behalf of the Yeshiva.
  • Throughout the year, a "bar-mitzvah" educational program is held at the nearby Gederot elementary school for 7th grade, lead by Rav Shoham and R. Greenwald. Shiurim are given once or twice a month, covering basic topics of Bar-Mitzvah and Yamim Tovim.