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Rav Shmuel Binyamin Herling

Rav Shmuel Binyamin Herling

Born on the 24th of Adar, 5696, in Tishveh (Bukovina) Romania.
Fell on the slopes of Har Eval on the fifth day of Chol Hamoed Succot, 20 Tishrei 5761, leaving behind a wife, eight children and twenty grandchildren.

Rav Binyamin Herling hy"d lived through the atrocities of the Holocaust, came to Israel at age ten, and grew up in southeren Tel-Aviv. After graduating the Bnei Akiva High School in Kfar Haroeh, he learned one year in Yeshivat Knesset Chizkiyahu, and then came to Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh as one of the twelve talmidim who formed the founding class of the Yeshiva in Tishrei 5714. Afterwards, he continued learning for six more years in Yeshivat Mercaz Harav in Yerushalayim. Maran Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Chaim Goldvicht zt"l, often spoke of him to talmidim of the Yeshiva.

In the Israel Defense Forces, Rav Herling served as a paratrooper in the elite Hesder "Nachal Mutznach" unit, and was a distinguished soldier.

Rav Herling taught as a Ram in Kfar Haroeh for nineteen years, and afterwards served as the Rosh Kollel of Yeshivat Alon Moreh, near Shechem. He was a person with no taint of sin in matters between man and his friend, and had no arrogance or self importance. He was eulogized as having been one of the "36 righteous people" for whom the world exists, one who disseminated Torah and volunteered for anything connected to Torah and Eretz Yisrael. Indeed, he was killed defending a group of fellow settlers from Palestinian fire, after having led them in prayer and the recital of Tehilim opposite Kever Yosef. He was righteous and modest, one of the few unique people of his generation.

May His Memory Be Blessed