Pre Pesach Learning with KBY

Get Ready For Pesach with KBY!

We invite you to join us for pre-pesach shiurim with our Rabbeim, every Sunday between now and Pesach!

Live Shiurim
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HaRav Shalom Rosner
Shalom Rosner
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Harav Mendel Blachman
Mendel Blachman -
"והגדתך לבנך"

Daf Mekorot
Harav Moshe Stav
Moshe Stav -
Q&A on Pesach Topics

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* For viewers in other locations, the recording from the live broadcast will be available on Sunday March 28th.

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The Shiurim are l'iluy nishmat Sarah bat Yisrael z"l
השיעורים לעילוי נשמת שרה בת ישראל ז"ל

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